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Yesterday March the 1st I attended the St. Davids celebrations outside the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff, unfortunately I had to disrupt proceedings with the following.

'Rodney Berman I accuse you of attempting to pervert the course of justice by not securing me a Corporate Complaint number with respect of my complaint of Victimization by your Housing Officers and Maintenance Division'.

Having done so the Police kindly asked if I would be quiet as they felt it was not the appropriate place for me to speak out. My reply was I have slandered that man in the full view of witness's and the Police. My only question today is that 'If I had made an accusation of Rape by Mr. Berman would he have been arrested?????and if so then why was he not with this other charge????'.

I was asked would I like to go to Central to place the complaint in writing but informed the Officer in Question that this week I had emailed the Attorney General with the complaint and they felt that this was sufficient.

I also pointed out that if the issues had been dealt with previously then I would not have been forced to make this Public denouciation of Mr. Berman, after all he has had copies of the emails and the blogs to pull his finger out on the macinations of the councils non-elected officals, and as far as I can see has been an active participant in the attempt to forestall my receipt of the Corporate Complaint Number.

I wonder why that is given that the Local Government Ombudsman has so little power to sanction the council and infact it has done everything to be as obstructive as these Council employees in dispensing justice (see previous blogs), and you might like to look at the South Wales Echo article on page 13 of their Monday the 26.2.07 issue where they finally did step in over nuisance neighbours, but not for you eh Crazydave.

This week I have received (funnily enough, seems they have no trouble getting intouch with me regarding that eh Chief Constable) the annual rent increase notice from the council, and I will quote a line from the first paragraph. ''From Monday 2nd April 2007 the rent of your home will increase by 5.30% in line with the guideline rent increase proposed by the National Assembly of Wales''

On the Richard Evans BBC Radio Wales Phone in today, the debate included the derisory nurses annual pay rise of 1.9% just under the annual rate of inflation then how is it that the council can raise rents by double it???? He also had David Melding AM on the show talking the conservative party new manifesto for Wales, for those who do not know Mr. Melding was the Chairman of the Health N Social Services Committee who refused to respond to question I raised. Pity Mr. Evans didn't ask him about that aspect of Mr. Meldings time as an Assembly Member???????????Eh Richard.

If, Chief Constable your fraud squad had looked into the Rent Revenue Account, with the Question that if other Social Landlords do not have any Rent Rebates on their accounts as expenditure for those in receipt of Housing Benefit THEN WHY THE HECK HAVE THE COUNCIL? After all it is just another Social Landlord.

Maybe then we tenants would not be receiving this notice at this time, because this piece of creative accounting would have been seen for what it is Corporate Fraud. To the detriment of the Citizens of this City, and presumably other cities the length n breadth of the UK, because they no doubt are ruled by the same Flawed Legislation that has so far Reigned and which ought to be outlawed.

I have received a reply from the Attorney General and they have passed my complaint back to the Crown Prosecution Service assuring me that they will reply shortly. I will keep you all apprised of that situation.

My question today for the Chief Constable is this 'Has Mr. Berman been arrested under Caution for attempting to pervert the course of Justice for not insuring that Employees of Cardiff County Council supply Corporate Complaint Numbers within Best Practice time frames???'

Finally a quote from a Barrister 'As a matter of Law you are not allowed to do this'

Now People its time for me to send this to all the usual suspects, you know the ones who have a duty under Law to reply but have failed failed failed, not least the Justice Minister at the Welsh Assembly Edwina Hart Am. Well Chief Constable will she see a bit of Justice coming Her way???

Love n Light Crazydave

Update mon 5/3/07
hi people

I noticed in the South wales Echo version of the St. Davids Day March they failed to mention the disruption to proceedings, much like BBC Radio Wales who promoted it the day before but nothing after.

Also today they are all wittering on about the government paying single parents £9 grand a year, yet they say nothing about the private landlord getting £432 grand a year from social security in cardiff, I wonder what the highest payment to one is in a really large city where councils have been free with tax payers money feathering a private individuals nest?????

Has anyone heard that Mr. Rodney Berman has been arrested under caution for his part in attempting to pervert the course of justice for failing to ensure that non-elected council officials supply corprate complaint numbers in best practice time frames.

Then there are some other things that Mr. Berman might do one of them is to reinstate the form confirmation receipt that used to be available when emailing county councillors via the councils web site. So that we the public have proof of sending???????and accountability of our so called 'elected officials' who are supposed to serve us, who have a responsibilty to respond to communications from Ward members, and that those who fail to do so are held accountable, with some kind of recourse for the constituent should they fail.

Love n Light Crazydave

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